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Our Poems

My Beshert    

I was 19 when I met Robbin, and she was not yet 17. We found love. We weren't religious and hadn't ever heard the term or the concept of Beshert.  It was only after we became engaged that we heard our grandparents speaking the word. Even then, we really didn't know what they meant by it, nor did we give any thought to it. Yet, early in our relationship, I had written this poem to express my feelings for her.


Man forever searches the Universe in quest of making his life complete

 He challenges his very existence seeking the reason for being

 Fate holds, for some, the mysterious answer

 Love, the nourishment needed for a fruitful life

 Here lies the true beauty of being born to live on this earth

 As opposite poles attract and the proper key opens that certain lock

 Each man must find his own counterpart

 In you Rob, possibly, I have found my answer

 Perhaps if the bonds between us are strong enough they will weather time and not decay

 Lasting...  as two halves, two pieces of a puzzle coming together as one.

                                                                                                  A. Baron - November 1970


 Imagine being trapped in a dungeon

  Locked away from all you hold dear

  And no matter how far you reach out

  You can never tuly grasp onto the one thing that has meaning to you.

  You ponder aimlessly, unable to converge your thoughts.

  Your mind wanders from reality and you find yourself dreaming

  Dreaming that you can liberate yourself from this entrapment

  And be free to satiate your  desires.

  You dream of being with the one you love

  Your body pressed tenderly against his.

  The warmth of his touch making you tingle with joy

  And you are suddenly submerged in a pool of delight.

  You reach out to clasp his hand, but he seems to drift away.

  And then you realize you were reaching in vain

  For it was only a vision, A delusion of your mind.

  And you once again return to your dungeon

  Yearning desperately to be released from this confinement.

  But you know you cannot escape

  And you reluctantly succomb to the unremitting monotomy.

  But you never stop hoping - - - hoping that someday your vision will materialize

  And your dream become a reality.

                                                                               Robbin Libin - April 1971

It's Friday eve, and once again we embrace.

The empty feeling nurtured in the seemingly

endless days apart leaps vigorously from our hearts

as together we remain locked in a cloud of enchantment.

Saturday morn arrives, but only too soon does

The day slip away into night

The ecstacy that had captured the essense of our being

the evening before suddenly begins to trickle from our souls

As the realization that time will once again spread its wings and

carry us apart lands a striking blow in our hearts.

                                                                              Robbin Libin - January 1973


What is it?

From the first moment, was it your beauty, your eyes, or your infectious smile?

Was it your perfume, or just the smell of you?

Is it the way I feel when I touch your skin, or was it the way it made me feel when I held your close?

When you sat on my lap and looked up at me - it was as if your face held the light and warmth of the sun.

I felt like I was holding perfection, and later that night I didn't feel small beneath the stars

because I was with you.

The bond that holds me to you hasn't and won't allow any fight to remain more than a passing lovers quarrel,

for without you my universe is dark.

My Girlfriend, Fiancee, Lover, Wife, Baby and Mother, you are Everything to me.

My love for you emanates from my very being, and doesn't change from the then to the now.


                                                                                             Alan Baron - September 2010